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Look down at what you’re wearing right now. Yes, at this very moment. How long have you owned each piece that you have on? Perhaps it’s not the case for you, but for a long time that question sadly revealed the sheer quantity of shopping that I did. For many years, it’s been all too easy to buy into that familiar mentality of seeing some pieces as “classics” we keep forever, and others as “trendy” ones that we get, wear once or twice, and get rid of a season later.

I’ll admit that this was how I shopped for a long time. However, as good as the intention may have been, it often really only served as a catalyst and justification for me to consume more. As I’ve been thinking about how to continually pare down my closet and buy less, removing the idea of classics vs. trends has been pretty central. Perhaps it’s really become a matter of not buying into trends at all. While it’s still a struggle at times, asking if I can actually see myself using the item in question for years to come has helped curb a lot of spontaneous spending. This change has also made me desire shopping much less, knowing that I won’t be missing out on anything by not acquiring more.

Anyway, the point of this post, I guess, is that I just wanted to share some thoughts of my changing philosophy on shopping and spending wisely while still valuing being put together. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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Shirt: Joe Fresh | Coat: YesStyle | Jeans: FRAME Denim | Pumps: Zara | Bag: GiGi New York (c/o, on sale for half off!) | Sunglasses: Celine

Photos by Brian Chan

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As much fun as style blogging can be, one of the more stressful parts would definitely be the temperamental weather during the winter months; four years into this outfit shooting thing and I still haven’t quite figured out a good way around it. Last Saturday, we set out in the morning to scout for a location, and after driving around town for far too long and finally finding a spot we were happy with… it promptly started to rain. Of course. Then came the heavy winds. And it was cold. All in all, not exactly an ideal situation for white jeans and calf hair shoes. Luckily, thanks to a very creative and patient photographer, it actually ended up making for some pretty cool shots (check out my hair!). And while it seems a little strange to say, over the years the dilemma has actually taught me quite a bit about rolling with the punches and letting go of things that I can’t control… especially since I now know that it can produce unexpectedly good results.
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Coat: Goodnight Macaroon (c/o) | Top: Left on Houston | Jeans: Levi’s | Tote: Gigi New York | Pumps: Zara (old, similar on sale) | Watch: Daniel Wellington (use code ‘herwaisechoice’ to get 15% off your purchase until 2/28)

Photos by Brian Chan