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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed a gradual, steady decline in the amount of colourful outfits over the years. As I continue to work towards creating a smaller wardrobe, it seems like my bright clothing is always the first to go. However, a lack of colour doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gotten less interesting to get dressed. Even with a closet full of neutrals, there have been some combinations that I’ve come to enjoy wearing more than others. One of my favourites has been black and beige: classic, subdued, and softer than black and white, I love this combo’s ability to instantly elevate a look. Do you have any favourite colour combinations to wear?
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black and beige outfit
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vancouver style blogger
vancouver style blogger

Jacket: Club Monaco | Sweater: TOPSHOP | Skirt: Vintage, my mother’s | Pumps: J.Crew (c/o) | Bag: Artessorio

Photos by Brian Chan

army green jacket
In my efforts to own less and streamline my wardrobe over the past couple of years, one thing I’ve learned is that the fewer things I keep in my closet, the more I realize I really don’t need much at all. Recently, I’ve taken up the habit of storing only the things I want to wear now in my main closet and packing everything else away… and it’s probably been one of the best sartorial decisions to date. It’s been refreshing to be able to put outfits together more effortlessly in the mornings, and I strangely no longer feel the need to update my wardrobe constantly. And sometimes, after keeping a piece in storage for a while, I realize that I haven’t missed it at all and can continue to purge further.

It’s certainly helped to convert to an almost entirely neutral palette (save for touches of army green, navy, and denim… but those all count as neutrals too, right?), but I’m convinced that if you know what you like and are consistent with that, it could work well just the same. Each piece in this outfit could, and is, literally worn with almost everything else that’s currently in my closet, which definitely helps me get my money’s worth!

If you’re looking to do some Spring Cleaning and pare down your wardrobe, I love and find myself continually referring back to this helpful guide on Camille Styles!
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Shirt: TOPSHOP (c/o) | Jacket: thrifted | Denim: Uniqlo | Booties: Madewell | Watch: Daniel Wellington (c/o) | Necklace: Emmy Trinh | Sunglasses: Celine

Photos by Brian Chan