estee edit review
Like many others, I was first introduced to Estee Lauder via my mother’s make up bag. My mom has never worn much make up, but I have fond memories of visiting the department store with her in my childhood as she replenished her eye cream, lip balm, foundation, and blush during their gift with purchase promotions. As I started experimenting with make up in my teens, I naturally played around with what she already had and came to adopt a few Estee products into my own repertoire. I think my story is similar to how a lot of people associate the brand: with tradition, longevity, and women of the previous generation.

The new Estee Edit line, available at Sephora, is a new line aimed specifically at a younger generation. The branding stays true to Estee Lauder but has an updated, graphic look, and the line itself is chock-full of multi-use, easy to carry products: make up that can be used in different ways, and that deliver multiple benefits (like this moisturizing highlighter with hyaluronic acid). I test drove a few to create an everyday, natural, glowing look.

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