Hanging Out at the VAG (and new layout!)

by Jen on Thursday, May 27, 2010

Couldn't resist this white blazer from Zara even with the recent purchase of the Elizabeth and James jacket in Orlando. I adore the tailored fit and shoulders, and how it flares out at the hip providing a (much needed) exaggerated curve along the middle of the body.

Now, what I've really been on a hunt for, for what seems like forever now is a bright red blazer with a similar fit. Where can I get one?! Zara, the go to place, hasn't come out with one to my knowledge and my narrow shoulders make it an impossibility for me to look good in any of the vintage ones I've come across on Etsy or Ebay.

The Marni sunglasses were yet another great buy from Orlando, discounted from $400 to $85. They're more interesting than they appear to be: the frame actually starts brown at the top and then there is a gradient that changes it to blue gradually. The best part? Getting to choose this case! There were about 20 to choose from and after spending nearly 15 minutes contemplating it almost seemed like the case was being sold instead of the glasses.

Photos were taken by my beautiful best friend: we spent the day munching on treats around town (photo below is at the stand of the drool-worthy Japadog: traditional hot dogs with Japanese twists like seaweed and teriyaki sauce toppings!) and shopping (we found her two fabulous dresses).

Now.. I hope I don't gross anyone out by doing this, but I wanted to send a message out to my boyfriend in Rome (hope he sees it!)...

P.S. Before you start thinking that I've got a dirty mind... "VAG" is the locals' abbreviation for the Vancouver Art Gallery.

P.P.S. I definitely don't smoke marijuanaand do not condone its legalization. The writing on the building were the doings of the protesters that were there earlier in the day ;)

I guess I might be a bit of a nerd for saying this, but I'm so happy with my new layout! I don't know why I procrastinated with it for so long, but I finally learned how to:

  • Take the border off of my photos
  • Put in a custom template
  • ...and make my photos not blurry!!!!!

There are still a few tweaks that need to be done (like that random search button on the right hand side of my header) but all in all I am quite satisfied!! I would definitely appreciate some feedback. Is this better than before? What else can I do to make your reading experience easier?
Wearing: Chulo Pony dress, Zara blazer, Tory Burch Revas, Vintage Fendi structured bag, Marni sunglasses

In the Details

by Jen on Saturday, May 22, 2010

For a good year or two now, I'm been looking for a pretty coral piece of clothing to add to my closet. I didn't want something too "tropical vacation" looking, so maxi dresses or tanks were out of the question. Enter this double layered, poufy skirt from H&M. I am absolutely adoring their new collection... there are so many nice things in varying shades of this colour (like this gorgeous dress modeled by Kristy!) which are simply feminine yet bold, and have an undeniable "pretty" factor about them! At $50 for a skirt I thought it was a bit over H&M pricing, but I couldn't resist. Good buy?

The jacket and flats were two more good deals found from Orlando! The jacket retailed for something like $450 and I got it on clearance for $80 after an extra 10% discount for a missing button which I was easily able to sew on myself. The flats were discounted from $300 to a measly $34! The pony hair is of amazing quality and I'm able to walk all day in them comfortably (the rubber sole is a huge plus!). Definitely one of the best buys of my trip.

I also couldn't believe how awesome this giraffe print clutch was at H&M! It's straw and not of the greatest quality, but at $19.95 for such a statement piece, who could complain?

P.S. My boyfriend is going away on a one month trip to Europe (super jealous and going to miss him!) so I will be off finding inventive new ways to get photographed/photograph myself! Stay tuned to see how that turns out!

P.P.S. I feel like I don't know enough people in the blogosphere! Please leave me a comment introducing yourself and I will definitely get back to you! I am friendly, promise :D

Wearing: Elizabeth and James tuxedo jacket, label-less top and necklace, H&M skirt and clutch, Diane von Furstenberg pony hair flats

we are shaped and fashioned by what we LOVE

by Jen on Thursday, May 20, 2010

The other day, my boyfriend and I were looking at the funky, modern home decor offerings in a historic part of town, when the lovely green baubles caught my eye.This necklace was found at-- lo and behold-- a furniture store! I looked at beds and dining tables and even considered buying a new chair for my desk. But my mind was fixated on this lovely statement necklace. I couldn't leave the store without it.

Wearing: Label-less dress (from a consignment store), Harriet Grey statement necklace, Stuart Weitzman sandals, BCBGMAXZAZRIA trench coat, MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag

The Non-Boyfriend-Boyfriend Shirt

by Jen on Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nothing beats a crisp boyfriend shirt for a casual summer outfit. The comfort and the abundant amount of room to breathe in this staple makes it an impossibility for me to not reach into his closet and grab one to wear for a day of spending time outside. I have been stealing shirts out of my boyfriend's wardrobe for a while now, but nothing ever seems to fit the way I want it to (seeing that he is about 7 inches taller than me and quite a bit wider). When I saw this shirt at Zara, I knew that my days of closet-scavenging were over: this shirt has all the breezy goodness of his, but the fit in the shoulder and around the middle is much more flattering for the female physique.

And as for the shoes: I couldn't really bring myself to go full out with the army trend in the form of army surplus jackets or shorts because I know that my style is too girly for a piece like that to have any kind of longevity in my closet, but once I spotted these shoes at Zara I immediately thought it would be a bit of a more feminine way to incorporate it into my wardrobe. Lace-up, peep-toe and canvas, I think they are a fun and subtle take on it. I also really like that the heels are mid-height: I walked around downtown all night in them and my feet did not get sore at all.

P.S. Isn't my boyfriend getting good at the photo-taking? So proud of him!

Wearing: Zara shirt, shorts and shoes, F21 bag and necklace, vintage belt from mom's closet, Tom Ford sunglasses

Jumping for Joy

by Jen on Sunday, May 9, 2010

How I have missed the blogosphere! After a one week vacation in Orlando I am back and definitely ready to be home. I think I have discovered that I am really a homebody (unless of course I happen to be in a fabulous European city; then I think I could stay there a little longer...) and I would rather be in the comfort of home than out and about

This outfit is comprised of everything new from Orlando. My boyfriend greatly dislikes this jumpsuit but I adore the floral detailing on it. I think I may have to take in the pant legs though, as I am on the fence about the 'harem' nature of them, having never liked the trend. Anyway, I can't believe how amazing shopping in the States is compared to Canada. I've been shopping in Seattle before but that just pales in comparison to the awesome deals that can be found in Orlando!

These Stuart Weitzman booties can still be found at regular price online. I picked them up at their outlet for about 35% of the retail price! Can't wait to show you all everything, especially a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater found at the Barney's outlet that I am particularly excited about.

What have you been up to lately? Fill me in!

Wearing: Forever 21 jumpsuit and bag, Stuart Weitzman shoes, J. Crew headband, borrowed French Connection belt