Hello, Gorgeous

by Jen on Monday, February 28, 2011

During an afternoon stroll with a friend this week, we wandered into an unassuming re-sell shop and I struck gold. Handmade, sequined and beaded on wool (it is heavy) with scalloped edges, the gorgeous vintage piece was hanging on the wall and I immediately knew it was special. Once I tried it on, I knew I couldn't leave the store without it and luckily the gracious shop keeper let me take it home for less than the price of a typical top from Zara! It was impossible to capture the true colour and beauty of this top in photos, but it is without a doubt one of the most standout pieces in my closet and I am so excited to wear it!

What's your favourite piece with a story in your closet?

{close up detail of the handiwork}

{it zips all the way down on one side. zip on the back = boatneck top, zip in front = cardigan!}

{the gorgeous scalloped edges}

(Im)patiently Waiting

by Jen on Friday, February 25, 2011

{Photos by Fotowok}

Regardless of how pasty I currently am (or the fact that I will likely remain this pale all summer since I can't tan... I only burn), I've been longing to pull out warm weather brights and breezy dresses for at least the last 4 months now. But then again, who hasn't? The sun has been out lately but it's been deceiving; I feel even colder now than I did months ago in the dead of winter. However, that won't stop me from waking up every morning with the hope that it has finally warmed up enough to dress according to the bright, cheery skies... and brave the cold for some photos to prove it.

{My amazing team of photographers- Paul and Rod of Fotowok (L & R respectively), and my boyfriend David to my right}

Wearing: Tristan & America merino wool cardigan, RACHEL Rachel Roy dress (and slip inside), Hue tights, Aldo wedges, Coach bag, random flower from a dress, Joe Fresh bracelet

Michael Kors Opens at Pacific Centre!

by Jen on Thursday, February 24, 2011

Having been a Michael Kors fan for quite some time now (my first "real" handbag purchase was a MICHAEL Michael Kors about 4 years ago!), I was pretty thrilled when I received news that he was going to be opening a store in Vancouver's Pacific Centre! Tonight I had the privilege of attending a party that was thrown in celebration of its doors finally opening. This pretty space is the city's 2nd standalone Michael Kors store and carries the full range of Kors' products: apparel, shoes, handbags, small leather goods, and much more! Here are a few photos from the night; the store is officially open now so be sure to swing by and check it out!

{The stylish crowd}

{Michael Kors' infamous watches}

{The 2672 sq ft space}

{A little something that I ended up with. What could it be?}

{Ta-da! iPhone case with slots for a few cards! Pretty sweet, right?! I will be utilizing it to its fullest seeing as I need to carry my student card with me around campus and now I can do it without having to bring my whole wallet!}

{Of course, the real treat was spending time with my boyfriend. He's the bestest!}

What I Wore: H&M jacket, RACHEL Rachel Roy pants, Jacob belt, Aldo shoes, MICHAEL Michael Kors clutch


by Jen on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A simple outfit today for an afternoon downtown after the boyfriend and I went to join my mom for lunch at her office. These shots were taken in Pacific Centre and on Granville Street: two of downtown Vancouver's busiest spots. I'm not one to pose freely and proudly in front of a big crowd (though I've come a long way since a year ago) but it all turned out fine and dandy-- save for the semi-creepy Caucasian man who walked by, called me a "leng lui" (literally translates to "pretty girl" in Cantonese) and then insisted that my boyfriend help him take a photo with me with his disposable camera.

I've got three media events to attend in the next two days. I've never been to any and now they're all piling up! Excited as I am, I must admit that I'm a bit nervous as I am a pretty shy girl. But lucky for me I am hoping that this will be an opportunity to finally meet some Vancouver fashion bloggers face to face-- do let me know if you'll be in attendance!

Wearing: Sisley shrunken blazer, Forever 21 blouse, Zara trousers, thrifted belt, Aldo shoes

Little Rascal

by Jen on Monday, February 21, 2011

As me and my boyfriend's relationship has progressed over the last couple of years, my love for his little teacup Yorkie, Dexter, has grown as well. He is hyperactive and can be notoriously fickle, but there are times (usually when we have sufficiently tired him out) when his sweet, cuddly side comes out. Sometimes when I am sitting on the floor typing on my computer he will march himself right next to me, lie down and make sure the whole side of his body touching mine. And then if he is feeling extra cute he will re-adjust himself and put one little paw on my leg. My boyfriend sometimes jokes that he knows I will never leave him because I couldn't bear to say goodbye to Dexter... and that may very well be true! ;)

By the way, is it tacky to share how much I paid for a piece of clothing? Oh well if it is, because I'm happy to say that I got this pretty 'golden mustard' pleated skirt for about 85% off at Gap the other day, paying a grand total of $12! I never shop there but decided to wander in because I had a bit of time to kill, and found this little gem floating in the sales racks!

{A better look at what I wore, at Ikea later that day}

Wearing: Mackage coat, Jacob lace button up, Gap skirt, Wolford tights, H&M knee high socks, Zara booties, Joe Fresh jewelry

Have YOU Pinned Yet?

by Jen on Saturday, February 19, 2011

{a selection of my 'Pins'!}

Do you surf the internet for hours on end, right clicking and "Save As'-ing photo upon photo of striking images for inspiration? I don't know about you, but if you're anything like me then your computer hard drive is filling up quickly with said images (and if you're also anything like me then you also find it a pain in the butt to organize everything found!).

I recently discovered Pinterest, a great online community in which members are able to curate images of their choosing into organized "inspiration boards" for all to see. Not just for fashion, I have seen everything from interior design to food to cute baby photos on the site!

You can follow your favourite "Pinners" for a one-stop 'shop' of beautiful things so that you can soak in all the good stuff with just the click of a button!

Once I signed up, I was able to drag a "Pin It" button onto the taskbar of my internet browser. Now, every time I see an image I like, all I have to do is click the button and decide which of my boards I want to add it to. Easy!

I've found so many more worthwhile images in just a few minutes of browsing the site than I would have in a much longer time of browsing the internet. It's always hard for me to really get into a new online network or website, but this is truly a breeze and completely fun. I totally recommend getting involved!

To sign up and request an invite, click here.
To visit my humble but growing Pinterest page, click here!

Do you have a Pinterest page? Let me know!

Sunny Days are Coming

by Jen on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{Photos by Fotowok}

I'm so happy to slowly be able to start dressing for more than just warmth again. This polka dot blouse found for half price several weeks ago will be well incorporated into my Spring and Summer wardrobe. Because of its 100% polyester fabric and super sheer nature I was a bit weary about its quality, but I've worn it 5 or so times already since purchase and it has held up wonderfully.

After seeing so many great bloggers do the 30 for 30 challenge (or some rendition of it) I am strongly contemplating it. Have you done it? Would you recommend it? Would you like to see me try?

Wearing: Unbranded coat, H&M blouse and skirt, Joe Fresh (olive green) tights, Banana Republic necklace, Zara shoes, Tom Ford sunglasses, MICHAEL Michael Kors clutch

Ready for a Sensory Overload?

by Jen on Monday, February 14, 2011

{Jason Wu}

I do not see myself as overly "trendy": I would hope to think that I can appreciate beautiful clothing regardless of the season, and that designers help make us aware of aesthetic beauty that we may not otherwise have known. That being said, details are almost always what do it for me and this Fall/Winter 2011 season on the New York runways has been no different. Besides having seen lots of blacks, whites and reds, there certainly has been no shortage of detailing in the presentations thus far; the gorgeous patterns, textures and attention to intricacy have just blown me away. Chic and beautiful pieces that are simple in principle but with great depth-- that is the type of fashion that is best to me.

Your favourites so far? Please share!

{More Jason Wu... my favourite so far!}

{Carolina Herrera}

{Carolina Herrera}



{Diane von Furstenberg}

{Diane von Furstenberg}

{Prabal Gurung}

{Prabal Gurung}

Photos via Vogue.com