Dreaming of Fall

by Jen on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I will be very honest with you. In spite of the blog title and pretty photo, Fall is not my favourite season. Like my close friends know, I always dread the Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year) because I know that from that day forward that the hours of light will only be fewer and fewer! So I wait and long for the shortest day of the year to go by so that I can finally look forward to longer days again. Pessimistic? Maybe.

But the one thing I do like about fall, which is perhaps the only redeeming factor for me, is that September marks a new year for fashion. With that comes the mentality of a fresh start, a chance to re-evaluate our wardrobes and to challenge our creativity to make new looks with the things that we already own. Of course, a few new pieces wouldn't hurt either!

So here are my key items for this FW!

A Red Coat

Black, grey, even camel coats can blend right into the dreary weather come September, and although those colours would pop well against the changing colours of the autumn leaves, I for one know that in Vancouver we get more rain than we get to enjoy the beautiful colours of Fall! This MICHAEL Michael Kors trench would do wonders in lifting the spirits on those grey days that we have inevitably approaching.

Heeled Over-the-Knee boots

Last year I only had the guts to wear these boots in the flat versions so I had only picked up a black suedette pair for a low price at Spring. I am glad the OTK trend is here to stay for at least another season! I've been eyeing the Topshop Britany's since last year and now they are accessible with the shipping to Canada! These brown suede Britany2's are absolutely GORGEOUS. I've always preferred brown to black for boots and the suede makes them look so lush (and how perfect would they be with that red coat?)... it is a pity they are sold out in my size or else these beauties would already be mine!

Tom Ford Anouks

I haven't been able to find these anywhere for a price I can justify (and they are also discontinued). But even though they do fetch for a hefty sum, Tom Ford sunglasses are so well made and the cat eye is a timeless style that I know I will still be wearing 5, 10 years down the road. These have been on my mind constantly after seeing them worn so well by one of my all-time favourite bloggers. I've tried to look for other pairs of cat eyes to substitute for these but none have been able to look so classy!

P.S. I know it may be fall and rainy and dark, but that doesn't mean we won't get a peep of sunshine here and there!

A White Sequined Shift Dress

Ever since SJP wore that white Halston Heritage dress in SATC2, I have been searching for the ideal white dress (to no avail). This shift from ASOS (with sequins all over!) is a perfect pre-holiday number... and the cutout back is an unexpected surprise that can be flaunted at a party or just as easily covered with a blazer or cardigan for a more conservative look. Imagine it paired with plum coloured tights, black wedges or mary janes and delicate touches of gold jewelry!

Heeled Oxford Booties

I've tried a countless number of flat oxfords on in the past year and each and every single pair managed to look much more masculine on me than I would want to appear, in spite of feminine details like lace and cutouts. About a month ago, I tried on a gorgeous nude coloured pair from Aldo that were heeled, and what a difference! Elongated legs, a leaner silhouette and a hue that made them even more girly. I didn't get them because the 5.5" inch heel was far too high for me to realistically be able to walk in on a regular basis, but the search continues for the perfect pair for fall!

Chunky Knit Sweater

On the days when I just want to roll out of bed and go to class, this Wilfred Free sweater is the perfect choice of attire to cozy into. I always know that clothes from Aritzia will last, and I can already imagine this wool knit being a close friend, warming me up for all of the winter months alongside my camel coloured riding boots and wool tights.

Leopard Cashmere Sweater

Just as versatile as a solid black and about 100 times more interesting, getting a timeless cashmere sweater in a print that will never go out of style sounds like as justifiable of a fashion "investment" as I can imagine! This Magaschoni sweater, black ponte pants and a pair of patent red flats: easy, comfortable and chic! Or how about swapping the flats for those aforementioned oxfords and then throwing on the red coat over top the ensemble?!

What`s on your must have list for fall/winter?

Will update with a new outfit post in the next day or two!

Title photo credit: weheartit.com

Happy Birthday Dear Bestie!

by Jen on Sunday, August 29, 2010

Joanne turns 23 today (if you're not familiar with who she is, see here and here)! Please join me in wishing her a wonderful and blessed year and also please help me drill into her head that she is NOT getting old!!

Photos were taken before going to dinner to celebrate. Vancouverites, we went to Bishop's: highly recommended! Impeccable service, wonderful atmosphere and great food. Best scallops I've ever had!

P.S. Aren't her shoes fabulous?!

Joanne is wearing: Jacob silk dress, necklace from The Bay, clutch,MICHAEL Michael Kors clutch, Fendi pumps

Jen is wearing: Twelve by Twelve romper, vintage belt, Amrita Singh earrings, Zara pumps, vintage Bally bag

Architectural Daintiness

by Jen on Monday, August 23, 2010

This blouse was found on a Sunday afternoon alone strolling down the streets of South Main in Vancouver, one of my favourite shopping destinations. There were several left, they were marked down to over 80% off and to be honest on the hanger didn't look that great. It must have gotten neglected for that reason and I am glad it did, because when I took the chance and tried it on I was immediately impressed by the wonderful detailing that gave it structure and femininity at once-- two traits that don't usually collide. I couldn't pass it up!

These bangles are a memory of the amazing country that is India. I spent a month there on a missions trip last summer and although it was undoubtedly tough while I was there, will forever be a beautiful memory in my heart.

Wearing: blouse from a local boutique, Forever 21 feather earrings, bangles from India

Shop For A Cause

by Jen

We've all heard of causes where "a portion" of proceeds goes towards a group of people in need. And while there are definitely good things that come from that, I for one am uncertain of how much of it actually comes from the heart to reach out and how much of it is a marketing ploy for the company that partakes in it. And how much of it really goes to those who really need it?

Enter Patch!

I heard about this humble but genuine cause from a friend of my boyfriend's and was struck by how great of an idea it is. Basically, the Singapore-based website is an e-shop comprised of "an eclectic mix of items that comprise of overruns, past-season stock, samples from local boutiques and tastefully selected pre-loved goods".

The difference between this and other "shop for a cause" sites? The purchaser chooses the amount to pay! And 100% of the proceeds go towards the Jaago Foundation, "[a] children's foundation in Bangladesh that provides free education, health checkups, and hygiene packs to children in the slums".

I've perused the site, and the jewelry and clothing selection is modest but impressive (My favourite items: the Sugar and Splice top and Giraffe Earrings)!

We as fashion bloggers have proven to have way more than we need, as proven by the constant growth of our wardrobes. And I'm sure we would all agree that we spend way more on ourselves than we should. I think this is an innovative way to help out and is also a great way to ensure that products that are no longer needed by retailers do not go to waste!

I will definitely be making a purchase. VISIT THE SITE!

Are you a retailer who has items to donate? Send over and email to me at [email protected] for more information!

Photo credit: Patch.com

Grey Canvas Part 2

by Jen on Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here's the second installment of the series featuring the grey Wilfred skirt! Thanks for your input in the last post; it was awesome to read about what items you find yourself pairing things with over and over again. Please keep the replies coming!

So, here are the next two...

Meeting the Parents

Although I've not had a new "meet the parents" experience in a while (not that I have a whole lot of those under my belt, haha), this outfit was put together with that in mind. It might sound kind of silly and it probably stems from my conservative parents, but I think what you wear does have a big impression on the parentals of a boyfriend. Priorities for me include no low cut tops (duh), nothing too short or tight (maybe a wee bit of an exception has been made here) and looking like you put in an effort (but not too much effort!). I wouldn't say that I'm a non-conservative dresser but overall I just wanted to look fresh and polished. I love the emerald green satin and brown ribbon bows on these flats... they're a shade reminiscent of Miu Miu flats to me with all the prettyness but at miniscule fraction of the price.

Casual attire

As suggested by the adorable Hanna,this outfit is my idea of casual and comfortable while still looking put together. One great thing about a skirt like this is that it can be pulled up or down to be adjusted in length so easily! The wedges are ultra comfortable as well as chic as proven by a trip to walk my boyfriend's dog and to the grocery store. I'm not a huge fan of moto jackets because of their mannish appearance most of the time, but the soft hue and material of this H&M one had enough femininity for my liking.

Polished and Proper: Wilfred skirt, Zara sheer blouse, Max Studio emerald green satin flats, vintage belt, Miss Selfridge satin headband, BCBGMAXAZRIA earrings

Comfortable and Casual: Wilfred skirt, H&M jacket, ASOS top, Aldo Wedges, vintage belt, elephant necklace from Front & Company

Weekend Highlights

by Jen on Sunday, August 15, 2010

A beautiful new (to me) dress that is longing for an occasion in which to be worn...

...amazing shoes picked out and gifted by my boyfriend who happens to have impeccable taste...

...a little project for rest and relaxation...

...and after two years of dating, he still brings me flowers for absolutely no reason :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

The Grey Cotton Canvas

by Jen on Thursday, August 12, 2010

Being extremely inspired by the lovely Nicole's creativity and practicality in her "One Blouse, Six Looks" post, I decided to begin a series in which I will use one inexpensive cotton/spandex pencil skirt, from Aritzia's in house brand Wilfred, and attempt to create outfits for a variety of life's occasions.

So for the next handful of posts, I will be featuring ensembles for different events using the same piece. I already have a few occasions in mind, but am willing and eager to hear your suggestions! So please do provide ideas!

Without further ado, here are the first two looks: the first being one that I would wear on a date with my boyfriend, and the second being a get up that would be suitable for an office.

Date Night

For this look I had two things in mind: flirtiness and girliness. What girl doesn't want to feel pretty on a date with her boyfriend? For me, that includes dainty details like silks and bows, and a big statement ring featuring one of the most feminine of subjects of all: a flower. I felt like the messy chignon kept it from being too serious.


9 to 5

Since I am working in the office for the summer, I've had to put more thought into what I wear on a day to day basis. Though my style is pretty conservative to begin with, I wanted to work on looking more professional regularly without sacrificing style. Of course I wouldn't call this interview appropriate, but I feel that a pair of large earrings, ruffle front top and bright yellow heels add enough spunk to the outfit while still allowing people to take you seriously. And I threw in a blazer for those chilly, air-conditioned offices.

What is a piece that you could and would wear with anything in your closet?

Date Night with the Boyfriend ensemble: Wilfred skirt, Jacob red silk blouse, Calvin Klein pumps, Etsy earrings, BCBGMAXAZRIA ring, black belt from another skirt in wardrobe

Office-Appropriate ensemble: Wilfred skirt, Forever 21 ruffle top and earrings, Zara blazer, Stuart Weitzman pumps


by Jen on Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am excited to announce that the winner of the Harriet Grey necklace is.. Michelle of Always Overdressed! Congratulations, lucky girl! I'm really happy she won! I have always enjoyed her style and she is super sweet. I'm also sure that she will style it amazingly well (and I hope she shares it with us!)

For those of you who didn't win, not to worry... I have been keeping my eye out for another great piece for a future giveaway :)

Quick outfit today... basically what I wore to work, but swapped the pencil skirt with shorts and accessorized it a bit for the photos. I realize now looking at the photos that I went kind of overboard with the accessorizing... but please bear with me. I went to the optometrist today and they put these drops in my eyes that dilate my pupils... and I couldn't really see properly for a few hours (also why I am wearing sunglasses)! Haha!

By the way, some of your comments in my previous post got me wondering. Since a few of you said that the outfit would be perfect for work, I wanted to ask: do you ever wear shorts (as short as these) to work? I've never done it myself and don't think I would, but am curious as to how you ladies feel about it.

p.s. If you are into this kind of thing, the reason why some of my photos look so freaking cool is because my dad got a new digital slr... and my boyfriend borrowed his sweet lens to shoot with :)

Wearing: H&M leopard print blouse and "pearl" polka dot cardigan, Zara shorts and pumps, ASOS ring, Marc Jacobs sunnies, chiffon flower taken from a dress

Checking in...

by Jen on Monday, August 9, 2010

Sorry for being such a procrastinator about announcing the winner of the Harriet Grey necklace!

I promise I will be back tomorrow with the result and a new outfit post. Thank you for your patience!!


Shiny New Things

by Jen on Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When I started working, I told myself (and you) that I would be more careful about my spending. But in all honesty, it has been a little difficult, especially since this week is the last week of sales for the summer! This outfit is comprised of entirely new items... including a $34 peplum jacket, $29 shoes, $11 belt and an $11 statement necklace, which makes me feel a little better about my lack of control lately.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a gorgeous Harriet Grey statement necklace here! You have until Wednesday night at 11:59pm PST!

Wearing: Forever 21 top and shorts, RACHEL Rachel Roy jacket, vintage belt, Zara shoes, necklace from The Bay