Jen is a Vancouver-based personal style blogger who believes that you can be stylish without being superficial, on trend without being a slave to fashion and look good without looking down on others. A recent BBA Marketing graduate, she aspires to use that philosophy in her work and life, wherever God leads her. An appreciator of aesthetics, Jen finds happiness in pretty patterns, a great colour combination and putting together outfits that "work" (for herself and for others!). She believes that while inner beauty is of utmost importance and that real confidence comes from knowing our true identities, how we look on the outside can help more than most of us care to admit! In addition to fashion, she likes to play photographer, bake, run, and sometimes read (though admits that her attention span is dangerously short). This blog is a means for Jen to document her evolving style, and to share a bit of what she loves with you.

questions? you can reach me at herwaisechoice at live.com.